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All About Turbine Engines 

Manufactruing and Repair

Exhibit Information

Turbine Joining Forum aims to gather Turbine Engine professionals in a technical conference. Here are more details about our exhibits:

Having a Table Top directly in Metals Hall gives you the most direct and immediate access to all attendees. All presentations will take place in Metals Hall. For those of you with dynamite displays, these Table Tops will be the first and last seen at each program break. Spaces are limited.

Tabletop Displays Metals Hall  $1,750

The Grand Lobby is where all breaks will be taken. A large gathering space, the Grand Lobby, is immediately adjacent to Metals Hall and where all refreshments and food will be stationed allowing attendees to spend extended time with you at your Table Top.

Tabletop Displays Grand Lobby $1,250

Reserve your tabletop and make no payment till July 2021!

Exhibitor Sign-Up

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