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***Monday, October 3rd

6:00 PM Open house at Quintas Technologies

***Tuesday, October 4th

7:00 AM Registration and welcome with continental breakfast

8:00 AM Opening Remarks Cal Lacasse, Turbine Forum

8:15 AM Keynote: Materials for Turbines in the Green Energy World Dr. Jerry Gould, EWI

9:00 AM Session Chair: Matt Dodds, EWI

Presentation 1: Solid-state Impact Welding for Turbine Repair and Manufacture Dr. Glenn Daehn, The Ohio State University

9:30 AM Presentation 2: Determining the Relationship of Input Parameters and Machine Deflection on Heat Generation in Linear Friction Welding of Nickel-base Superalloys Dr. Michael Eff and Dr. Olga Eliseeva, EWI

10:00 AM Refreshment break & networking

10:30 AM Presentation 3: Fusion Welding of Hadfield Manganese Steels for Turbine Generator Applications

Dr. Shankar Srinivasan, Siemens

11:00 AM Presentation 4: Laser Welding for Replacement of Electron Beam Welding in Engine Repair

Jacob Hay, EWI, Tim Stotler, EWI, and Dr. Suhas Vaze, GE Aviation

11:30 AM Presentation 5: Laser Metal Deposition for Repair of Turbine Blades and So Much More...

Dr. Eliana Fu, Trumpf

12:00 PM Lunch & networking

2:00 PM Session Chair: Dr. Michael Eff, EWI

Presentation 6: Cold Spray as a Repair Technique for Turbine Blades Dr. Victor Champagne and Howie Marotto, EWI

2:30 PM Presentation 7: Aluminum Fan Case Repairs using Cold Spray Tim Stotler, EWI and Dr. Suhas Vaze, GE Aviation

3:00 PM Refreshment break & networking

3:30 PM Presentation 8: Automated Seal Slot Inspection

Connie Reichert LaMorte, EWI, Tim Stotler, EWI, and Dr. Suhas Vaze, GE Aviation

4:30 PM Open house at The Ohio State CDME

6:00 PM Open house & reception at EWI

***Wednesday, October 5th

7:00 AM Continental breakfast

8:00 AM Session Chair: Tim Stotler, EWI

Presentation 9: Large Format High Fidelity Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition for Aerospace Components Dr. Dennis Harwig, Dr. Logan McNeil, Michael Carney, Jacob Hay, and Dean Langenkamp, EWI

8:30 AM Presentation 10: Achieving Higher Performance Welds with ESD Interlayers and Coatings Nigel Scotchmer, Huys Industries

9:00 AM Presentation 11: Latest Developments in High Pressure Heat Treatment of Aerospace Components Chad Beamer, Quintus 


9:30 AM Presentation 12: Accelerated Testing of Creep Resistance. Selection of Models for Brazed or Welded Joints

Dr. Alexander Shapiro, Titanium Brazing

10:00 AM Refreshment break & networking

10:30 AM Presentation 13: Solidification Cracking Susceptibility Index – New Material Agnostic Index to Support ICME-based Alloy Design

Dr. Anthony J Ramirez, The Ohio State University

11:00 AM Presentation 14: Weldability of Precipitation Hardening Ni-based Superalloys Dr. Joel Andersson, University West

11:30 AM Presentation 15: Thermodynamics and Phase Transformations in Refractory Complex Concentrated Superalloys

Dr. Eric Lass, University of Tennessee

12:00 PM Lunch & networking

2:00 PM Session Chair: Dr. Dennis Harwig, EWI

Presentation 16: Diffusion Brazing of Additively Manufactured Haynes 282 Dr. Warren Miglietti, Prince & Izant Company

2:30 PM Presentation 17: Type II Corrosion in Next Generation Gas Turbines Joshua James, EWI

3:00 PM Refreshment Break & Networking

3:30 PM Presentation 18: Reduction of Boride Phases in Brazing of Gas-Turbine Components Michael Graham, Prince & Izant Company

4:00 PM Presentation 19: Advanced High Temperature Alloys for Turbine Service

Brett Tossey, Market Manager, Haynes International, Inc.

4:30 PM Presentation 20: Weld Cracking in Ni-base Aerospace Alloys Dr. John C Lippold, The Ohio State University

6:00 PM -10:00 PM Event party at Ethyl and Tank, hosted and sponsored by Prince and Izant Company

***Thursday, October 6th

7:00 AM Continental breakfast

8:00 AM Session Chair: Howie Marotto, EWI

Presentation 21: Critical Factors Affecting the Quality of Electro-spark Deposits on Nickel-Base Superalloys

Dr. Jerry Gould and Liya Amanuel, EWI

8:30 AM Presentation 22: Controlling Thermal History in Laser Powder Bed Fusion to Improve Microstructure and Geometric Process Outcomes

Ajay Krishnan, EWI, Alex Riensche, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ben Bevans, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

9:00 AM Presentation 23: The Use of Additive for Complex Aerospace Components Jesse Boyer, Pratt and Whitney

9:30 AM Presentation 24: Development of Cold Spray CoNiCrAlY Coating Process of Turbine Blade Airfoil for Oxidation Protection

Ian Liljestrand Manufacturing Engineer, Flame Spray North America

10:00 AM Refreshment break & networking

10:30 AM Presentation 25: Process Benefits of High Enthalply Torch Dr Kent VanEvery, Progressive Surface, Inc.

11:00 AM Presentation 26: Composite Phase Thermal Barrier Coating: Design, Process and Evaluation

Dr. Xinqing Ma, Curtiss-Wright

11:30 AM Presentation 27: Advanced Silicone Masking Solutions for Thermal Spraying of Turbine Components

Jay Kapur, Aimtek

12:00 AM Lunch & networking

2:00 PM Session Chair: Joshua James, EWI

Presentation 28: Additive Manufacturing of Refractories Metals for the Turbine Industry Dr. Jacob Rindler, Director of Manufacturing and Materials Technology, Castheon Inc.

2:30 PM Presentation 29: Laser Cleaning/Ablation as a New Technology for Green Aerospace Manufacturing

Dr. Dmitir Novikov, IPG Photonics

3:00 PM Refreshment break & networking

3:30 PM Presentation 30: Introducing a Disruptive, Innovative & Revolutionary New Engine Technology that will Change Aerospace

Matthew Riley, Astron Aerospace

5:00 PM Closing remarks Cal Lacasse, Turbine Forum 

Turbine Forum sponsored by